It’s a 10 minute boat ride away! Fort Wilderness offers a boat ride directly to the front of Magic Kingdom. The boats run every 10 minutes.

Fort Wilderness is Walt Disney Worlds very own campgrounds located within Disney World. Everything is Disney and thus held up to Disney’s high standards. They offer a 10 minute boat ride directly to the entrance of Magic Kingdom; which is only accessible by boat, monorail or bus. The boats from Fort Wilderness run every 10 minutes and are large single or double decker boat that can seat about 50-75 people and are wheelchair and stroller friendly. At the end of the day the boat takes you directly back to Fort Wilderness. The boats run from 6:45 am until 11:30 pm.

Can you take a bus from Fort Wilderness Campgrounds to Magic Kingdom?

You could theoretically take a bus but you would take a bus to Wilderness Lodge which is a hotel and catch another bus from there to Magic Kingdom. So total ride time would probably be about 30-40 minutes if everything went smoothly. Also on the buses strollers have to be folded up. The buses offered at the front of the campgrounds can take you to all of the many other parks and resorts.

Can you drive from Fort Wilderness Campgrounds to Magic Kingdom?

You could also drive from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom but if you drive you’re responsible for paying for parking. The long walk or shuttle from the large parking lot to the Ticket Center. And from there you take the monorail to the actual entrance of Magic Kingdom. For a total drive/transport time of 30-40 minutes depending on traffic and foot traffic.

Which is the best way to travel from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom?

The boats offer a fast and breezy trip to Magic Kingdom. Along with an amazing view of the water and some of the waterfront resorts you’ll ride by.

The buses offer A/C which in Florida can be a deciding factor. But understand that traveling from Fort Wilderness Campgrounds involves a change in buses and thus a possible wait in the heat at the Fort WIlderness Lodge.

Driving a car from the campgrounds is silly and you’d end up paying for parking that you’re already paying for with your reservation at the campgrounds. Plus you’re guaranteed a wait in line in the heat as you’re waiting for the monorail.

How do you get to the boats or buses?

If you haven’t rented or packed a golf cart, Fort Wilderness campgrounds has a internal bus system you can find just outside each of the campground loops. The internal bus runs about every 10 minutes and takes you throughout the resort.

What do you do with your golf cart?

You can either rent or bring a golf cart from home. Both the Outpost bus station and the Boat dock offer golf cart parking.

Where are the buses in Fort Wilderness?

The buses are located in the front of the resort by the Outpost check in station and travel to most of the Disney parks (except Magic Kingdom) and resorts. They even take you to Downtown Disney.

Where is the boat in Fort Wilderness?

The boats are located in the back of Fort Wilderness resort. There is a small boat dock located next to a sandy beach.

What about Fort Wilderness Lodge?

Disney offers two different resort hotels with an outdoors rugged theme. Fort Wilderness Lodge has all of the same travel amenities as the campgrounds. Both resorts offer the 10 minute boat ride directly to Magic Kingdom. But the Lodge does offer a 10 minute bus ride directly to the front of Magic Kingdom. Buses are also wheelchair friendly but ask that you fold up all strollers.

Are buses or boats stroller or wheelchair friendly?

Yes! All of the buses in Disney are wheelchair friendly but ask that you fold up your strollers to save as much room as possible for travelers.

For wheelchairs they have designated areas, typically you’ll wait to get assistance from the driver.

The boats are also wheelchair friendly but are also very stroller friendly. They do not make you fold up your stroller to board or sit on the boat. Allowing your little travelers to safely remain in their seats.

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