Fire pits with a solid metal top that stop embers from escaping are the only type of fire pits approved for use at Disney’s Fort Wilderness campgrounds. Here is a visual guide so you know what to look for when purchasing online or at local retailers.

What type of fire pits are approved for the Fort Wilderness campground?

Fire pits with a solid metal top that prevent an exposed flame and releasing of embers or sparks are the only type of fire pits allowed at individual campsites in Fort Wilderness. You can use these approved fire pits at campsites or cabin rentals. However, you can only have fires when campfires are allowed (see: Are campfires allowed in Fort Wilderness below).

Disney Approved Fire Pit

Here is a proper fire pit you can pick up at amazon — notice the top has a fixed lid that is completely solid, no mesh, and does not allow embers to escape out the top.

This fire pit is a great option if you’re looking for a quick and easy purchase on amazon. It just went on Amazon Prime so they’ll have it to you in a few days.

Are campfires allowed in Disney’s Fort Wilderness?

At one time Fort Wilderness did ban all campfires, they still ban open fires, but over the last couple years Disney has opened up to give guests permission to use a certain type of fire pit during their camping trips.

So while open campfires are banned, you can still have a campfire in any of the approved fort wilderness fire pits. Cooking on a propane grill is different and allowed, these approved campfire fire pits are meant for warmth, relaxation or s’mores.

Still occasionally Disney will temporarily ban fire pits during the dry season for a few days or weeks.

A good indicator of when Disney temporarily ban fire pits is when there hasn’t been much rainfall or the Fire Danger Index (FDI)/Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) is high.

The Florida Forest Service shares Fire Danger Maps and Fire Danger Index and Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) if you want to look for current conditions.

If you are unsure you should always call Guest Services (407) 939-3476 or check the Fort Wilderness website for alerts.

What type of campfire is not approved?

Types of fire pits not approved for Disney

Example of fire pits not approved for Fort Wilderness — notice: fire pits with no or a mesh top are not approved

Fire pits without a solid metal top or fire pits that allow an exposed flame and thus release embers and or sparks.

What if I’m not sure if my camp fire is approved or not?

Ask to see a manager at the camp lodge if you have any questions or concerns about your fire pit. Or you can call guest services at (407) 939-3476 to double check before heading out.

Where do I find approved fire pits?

Now that you know approved fire pits must have a solid top you can go out and try to find fire pits at Walmart, Costco, Sams club, or Amazon.

Most people will tell you they are not easy to find, it’s a smart design but it has not caught on so your best bet for now is ordering one on Amazon. There isn’t a wide selection on Amazon either but we did use the one there that has the highest reviews. It’s portable and free shipping if you are a prime member.

Are propane fire pits allowed?

The flyer that Disney has listed advising approved campfires only mentions that “propane fueled campfire pits that have an exposed flame are not permitted, also artificial fire logs are not permitted in a device that allows an exposed flame.”

Cooking on a propane grill is different and allowed, the flyer is just talking about approved campfire fire pits meant for warmth, relaxation or s’mores.

So if you have questions on using your propane fire pit, seek a Fort Wilderness manager for approval.

Does Disney’s Fort Wilderness sell firewood?

No and don’t plan on scavenging firewood from fallen trees as more often then not it’s picked clean, nothing worse then packing the fire pit and never finding enough firewood. There is a nearby Walmart with reasonably priced firewood in the garden center. Here are driving directions from Fort Wilderness to the nearest Walmart Super Center that’s only 15 minutes away.

Or plan to pick some up on the way in and be sure to not travel with your firewood, see to learn more about how you can help protect the trees you love from tree-killing bugs from traveling with firewood.

Does Fort Wilderness rent fire pits?

According to this Disney Parks Moms Panel answer; Disney does not offer fire pits you can rent. The article does mention you can rent fire pits from a nearby “” but since June 2016 that is no longer true, the RV rental website now states: “We no longer offer approved fire pits for rent and are currently unavailable for your Fort Wilderness RV Rental at this time.” .

Our recommendation

If you want to relax with the family plus cook some s’mores over an open fire be sure to grab a solid top Disney approved fire pit. Or rent a golf cart and cruise to the Chip ‘n’ Dale campfire sing-a-long.

Just don’t forget the magical flames!

Magical Flames

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