Did you just spot what looks like an awesome golf cart offroad trail and now you are double checking what the rules and regulations are for fort wilderness golf carts? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let’s talk about the 28 extensive rules Disney’s Fort Wilderness has. Such as “carts must remain on roadways and designated cart paths only. Off-roading is prohibited.” Let’s dive into the rest but first;

Where do these rules come from

A quick search on google for “disney golf cart rules” will eventually lead you to a PDF put together by Disney themselves. It’s called Vehicles, Carts, and Recreational Devices — Rules and Regulations.

Official golf cart rules
Official golf cart rules

Considering how tough it can be to decipher, we’re going to go over them and attempt to make the rules a little clearer.

General Golf Cart Rules

The first two sections can be summed up pretty easily as; Follow the normal rules of the road. Drivers must be 16+, don’t use alcohol or drugs, obey traffic signs, you must use a hands free device, etc. All of those kinds of rules. Those rules apply to vehicle usage in the campgrounds, they also apply to golf carts.

Now, where the rules vary a little bit are; Children cannot sit in a drivers lap BUT young children can sit in a passengers lap. However children cannot assist in driving. You cannot offroad and you must stay on designated cart paths at all times.

What about if I bring my own golf cart you ask?

What are the rules for bringing my own golf cart to fort wilderness?

Type of golf cart not allowed at Disney's Fort Wilderness
Type of golf cart not allowed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

These rules are pretty simple:

  • Must be golf style carts; Off-road, ATV, utility or construction-type carts are not permitted.
  • Must have maximum speed not to exceed 20 MPH.
  • Must be equipped with head and tail lights to operate after dusk.

Still have questions?

Be sure to review the official rules and regulations and then if your question remains, call (407) 824-2900 for The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and official verification.

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