The people of Fort Wilderness take every holiday very seriously. Halloween at Fort Wilderness is no exception. Whether you are looking for inspiration on new Fort Wilderness Halloween decorations, or information on the golf cart parade, trick or treating, don’t worry we’re going to cover it in this 5 must-do Halloween things at Fort Wilderness.

1. The Golf Cart Parade

The golf cart parade is an event that happens inside Fort Wilderness. Everyone who decorated their carts is invited to drive down the main drag. From the hitch/unhitch area straight down to the Meadow Trading Post. Disney members will control traffic and shutdown the route to ensure safe passage.

You’ll want to check with the October calendar when it comes out on the 1st of October. But typically the golf cart parade happens on the 30th or 31st. Sign up is in the Bike Barn a few days before the event.

Some of the years we’ve been the “top 3” golf carts gather at the end near the Meadow Trading Post for an award ceremony. If you are in Orlando near this time, the carts are really something that can’t be missed. The effort people put into these are spectacular and the kids will love it.

Here is an example video from the 2018 Golf Cart Parade

2. Campsite Decorations

I hope you didn’t think the decorations stopped at the golf carts. Halloween has got to be the biggest non-official-Disney event at Fort Wilderness (after Christmas). If you are coming to the fort during that time, you have got to take a ride around the Fort Wilderness park and checkout all the amazing work people have put into decorating their campsites.

Some people might add a few small trinkets or a skeleton here or there. Then there are people who recreate entire scenes from movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and do things like drape sails over their RVs. I’m telling you, you will see the most incredible displays that will leave you awe-struck.

How these people manage to go camping and pack these entire displays is truly amazing.

3. Trick or Treating (Camp-or-Treating)

Trick or treating as you can imagine is a real blast. As shown above with all the holiday-crazy RVs, now just imagine candy sprinkled throughout.

Trick or treating is reserved for campers only (at least they try to limit the public). Just be there on Halloween at 5-6 PM and be ready to go until 9 PM or so.

4. Beach Bash

Somewhere in between all the trick or treating and trick or treating you’re going to want to make time for a beach party. Well, the beach party normally follows the golf cart parade and the next day is the trick or treating, but you get the picture (week long Halloween activities!).

So at the end of the golf cart parade, when it the carts end at the Meadow Trading Post, hang out a little longer for a beach party right next to the boat pickup.

Stick around for the showing of a movie. 2018 was a showing of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, which went great with the movie themed golf cart being a finalist in the golf cart parade.

5. Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Our last and most traditional must see item at Fort Wilderness’s Halloween extravaganza is of course the pumpkin contest.

Enjoying the pumpkin patch
Enjoying the pumpkin patch

There are plenty of pumpkins to see throughout the park as don’t forget most of the park itself is also appropriately decorated.

But the pumpkin decorating contest at the Settlement Trading Post gives guests a chance to compete and show off their pumpkin carving skills.

Decorations are everywhere, even these few pumpkins tucked away near the horse barn
Decorations are everywhere, even these few pumpkins tucked away near the horse barn

What is in store for 2019?

We wont know, maybe it’ll be another decorating contest, pet parade, golf cart parade, halloween tie-dye, scavenger hunt, arts & crafts, pool party, character meeting, sing along, and or a drive in movie.

The schedule for the previous years has been pretty packed, so again, just be ready to grab a schedule or call October 1st to see what the 2019 activities are, and make your reservations if you have haven’t already. Halloween can be backed up a full year and a half a head of time.

Bonus Tip:

Just don’t forget the weather this time of year can be a little bit chilly. S’mores and campfires are strongly encouraged, just be sure to use Disney approved fire pits.

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